Virtual Families


Create a Family on Your Computer

Adopt your own little friend and create a unique virtual family with him or her! Everything is up to you, so play any way you'd like and experience your virtual family's live unfolding in real time.

Fans of The Sims will enjoy this similar virtual life simulation game with unique additions that are all its own.

Experience a Dynamic, Customizable Virtual Life

Adopt one of many virtual friends and check out their new house. Simply drag your friend to any item or place in the house and he or she will perform tasks associated with it, such as showering, picking up laundry, making meals and much more.

Be sure to check on your friend's status and keep him or her well-fed, happy and making money by working in the shop or at the computer. Maybe you'll even receive an email marriage proposal and choose to start a family if you can find a compatible spouse.

Face the dramas of real life like illnesses, family arguments, moral dilemmas and much more. Scold or praise your friend if they deserve it and collect rare items to sell. At the store, you can buy everything from groceries to medicine to home upgrades and more. Your virtual friends may even email you to tell you how they're feeling!

An Entertaining Real-Time Experience

This game really feels like you're creating a family because your virtual friends continue to go about their lives even when your computer is off. What happens to your virtual family is entirely open-ended; you choose what they do and how they react to challenges. Enjoy endless hours of entertainment and replay this game again and again to see how happy of a virtual family you can create.

Discover the fun of creating your own virtual family now and see how their lives will turn out!

OS: 10.4, 10.5 (recommended)
Size: 57 MB

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