Plants vs Zombies


What Can Save You From a Horde of Advancing Zombies? Plants!

There are zombies outside your house and they're coming to get your brains! The only thing that stands between you and them is your lawn full of plants.

But these are no ordinary plants! With their destructive powers, those zombies won't even know what hit them!

Refreshing and Unique Tower Defense Gameplay

In this creative tower defense game, your lawn becomes a grid on which you can place plants to attack oncoming zombies. To place plants, you must have enough energy, which you get from the sun or from sunflowers.

Use 49 types of plants like zombie-eating Venus flytraps, long-distance pea shooters, explosive cherry bombs, wall-building wall-nuts and much more. Face various amusing zombies, from zombies with screen door shields to vaulting zombies to zombies in a swimming pool!

Play fun mini games like bowling for zombies and slot machines and buy super power-ups from your strange neighbors. After beating the 50 levels of Adventure mode, unlock four other exciting game modes like Survival and Zen Garden!

Entirely Innovative and Extremely Addicting!

There's plenty of room for strategy as you decide whether to place your plants closer to the zombies or to your home and as you deal with obstacles like gravestones that block you from putting plants in some areas, creeping fog and nighttime where you can't get energy from the sun.

This unique game will keep you addicted for hours and you'll still never know what's going to happen next! Enjoy plenty of quirky humor and great background music as you send those zombies packing!

Get those zombies off your lawn now with Plants vs. Zombies!

OS: OS X 10.4+

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