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Shuriken Block

Test your reflection in an extensive blocking training.
Shuriken Block by Dong Nguyen

Super Ball Juggling

How many times you can juggle these two balls?

Super Ball Juggling By Dong Nguyen

Chicken Invaders 4: Ultimate Omelette (Thanksgiving Edition)

The turkeys revolted three years ago. Not coincidentally, that was the same year mankind last had Thanksgiving dinner.
Chicken Invaders 4: Ultimate Omelette (Thanksgiving Edition)

Criminal Case

Join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the killers. Are you ready to prove your detective skills?
Download Criminal Case

Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side

Hero's log, Stardate 8008.5
As the last intergalactic chicken invaders flee our Solar System and lingering feathers still smolder in interplanetary space, I ease up on the trigger and wipe the sweat from my brow.
Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side

Fierce Tales: Feline Sight Collector's Edition

Another innovative tale from Blam!, creators of Fierce Tales: A Dog's Heart and Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory. 
Fierce Tales

Swing Copters

Flying with a propeller hat is not as easy as it looks.
Swing Copters by Dong Nguyen

Green City - Go South

Build your version of paradise in the middle of the ocean with eco-friendly materials in Green City – Go South, an environmentally conscious time management game. Continue to expand your real estate empire with an eye on sustainability and renewable resources.

Game Green City - Go South

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