Save the forest

Can't see anymore the evergreen forests' annihilation? It's high time to join the Greenpeace society! But if you have no opportunity to do it, play the game Save the forest and do your bit to the preservation of the environment!

Save the forest

Enjoy the absorbing platformer with nice plot and wonderful graphics! Stop the machinery invasion and protect the evergreen forest from total destruction! Ancient forest keepers, wise Ents, asked their neighbors, strong Stone Brotherhood, for help while they were unable to withstand fierce siege of robots. Stone Brotherhood took up the Ents' call and sent brave and agile Stone Guardian to save the small sprouts.

Your aim is to jump on the platforms and collect all sprouts you can find. Bring them to the Ent and then plant them to the forest moss. Your mission is complicated and noble, so leave fears and doubts aside and go on playing! In the game Save the forest you'll face to different hostile machines, helicopters and even blades on the ground. Be ready to walk on the razor's edge to get the sprout! Try to avoid bombs and canons with its' cannonballs otherwise you have to start the level from the very beginning. Jump on the enemies to slay them and pick up all the bonuses, coins and extra lives. If you have enough money, you'll be able to buy additional lives and other bonuses - just jump on the safe and get the life! Help the Stone Guardian to stop the machinery invasion and prevent the ancient forest from extinction! Play the game Save the forest and help the Ents to defeat callous machines!


  • Captivating platformer
  • Nice soundtrack
  • Easy rules
  • Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

  • Windows /XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1.5 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0

Annihilate invaders, plant sprouts and save the forest from destruction!

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