The Island: Castaway

The Island: Castaway
Feel relaxed and are ready for the long dull trip across the ocean? Forget about it! The group of people is sailing to the faraway lands when the disastrous tsunami wave covered them and sent to the deserted island. But is it really so deserted? Find it out in the fascinating The Island: Castaway game.

You are to play for the Tom Allison - the bravest and the quickest member of the survived crew. He should fulfill numerous tasks - supply the team with food, find people, explore the related islands and much more! Moreover, some time later Mike - the leader of the team - finds out some inhabitants who seem to be glad meeting white people. But is it really so?

You’ll definitely have to find this out! In the stunning The Island: Castaway game you are to learn even more - the way to catch fish and crabs, the recipes of numerous dishes, the basics of trade, and what not! Manage you hero wisely as there are wild boars that can decrease his level of energy as well as the poisonous snakes that are also very dangerous. Keep an eye on them or drink a magical portion which makes you invisible to the wild creatures.

The Island: CastawayYour team members can’t do without you - they are always getting in the traps in The Island: Castaway game! But be quick and smart to solve all their problems and let all of you leave this island full of mysteries. However, one of you – John, the master in languages, wants to know everything about the tribe. Invite him to the dangerous adventure but don’t forget you’ll have to help in any case. Do your best not only to survive on the island but also to get back home as soon as possible!


  • Large piece of land to explore
  • Catching plot
  • Numerous quests
  • 14 interesting characters
  • Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

  • Windows /XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 900 Mhz or better
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0

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