Snuggle Run

Snuggle Run

*** Jump'n'Run vs. Racing ***
It's fast - really fast! You will need awesome reflexes to get top scores.
Are you good enough to get the gold medal for each level? Then try to beat the Game Center online scores!

- Easy to learn, hard to master
"Snuggle Run" is really simple at the beginning:
The snuggle rolls on its own. Tap on the screen to jump over obstacles and tap-and-hold on the left side of the screen to boost him up.
Manage to find the perfect jumping places to run through a level as quickly as snugglely possible.

- Cool level design & power-ups
The snuggle isn't just rolling along. On its way, there are loops and pipe systems guiding it through the level, bumpers pushing him in other directions, cannons shooting him far into the air, and much more.
Collect chilis to get even faster, but be aware of the mushrooms - the snuggle doesn't like them very much…

- Perfect in-between game
Are you traveling on the subway or waiting for the bus? A perfect occasion to try again to beat the top score.

- Use the boost efficiently
Collect berries to charge your boost. Once you've been stopped by an obstacle, use the boost to gain back your maximal speed.

- Upgrade your snuggle
Be faster than the given times for gold, silver, and bronze medals to unlock the next level and gain upgrade points. Increase your maximal speed, maximal acceleration, or gain a better boost.

- Are you better than yourself?
Your best run will be saved and the shadow of your past result will race against you. Can you be faster than before?

- Fast-paced gameplay
- 20 creatively designed levels
- Power-ups
- Race against your best time
- Upgrades to increase snuggle stats and boost
- Local achievements
- Game Center support for high-scores & achievements

Snuggle Run

Version: 1.0
Size: 22.1 MB
Language: English
Seller: Aspirement UG
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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