The Fifth Gate

The Fifth Gate

Harvest beautiful flowers and create magical potions to win your freedom in The Fifth Gate, an entertaining excursion through a mystical world.

The scheming Morgana has trapped you in her gardens behind five magical gates. Your only way out is to do her bidding by using your powers to turn flowers into potions for her use. With each successful task completed, you are a step closer to freedom as she has promised. But you have to ask yourself, why does she need you to do this and are you really going to be set free? There's only one way to find out!

Restore Morgana's gardens and win back the gems that will open the five gates imprisoning you. Seed, water, and sow beautiful blooms to mix into potions that'll earn you more at the market. Purchase gardening upgrades, fend off pests, repair helpful items and more to complete your tasks as quickly as possible. How fast you finish is completely up to you!

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Cultivate flowers and mix potions in this enchanting Time Management game.
Complete 60 quests in five amazing gardens.
Seed, water, and sow a huge variety of beautiful blooms.
Purchase gardening upgrades, fend off pests, and repair helpful items.
How the garden grows is entirely in your hands.

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