Dirt Bike 3D

Dirt Bike 3D

Perform two-wheelin' stunts without breaking your legs. Dirt Bike puts you behind the handlebars of a racer, challenging other riders over various terrains. You design the bike and control the throttle, shifting and steering to compete against other players, computer-controlled bikes, and previous high scores.

To control the bike, you use the X and Z keys to upshift and downshift, respectively. (There is also an option for the computer to automatically shift the bike for you.) The current gear is displayed in the status window. The location of your cursor on screen determines the throttle: if the cursor is at the top of the screen, throttle is on full; if the cursor is at the bottom of the screen, brakes are on full. You move the mouse from side to side to steer.

You can challenge human opponents over a network, or challenge the computer, where you can edit game characteristics (lower the horsepower, for example). The yellow bikes on the track are the recorded races of the high score times. Each time a new high score is set, that race is recorded so others can race against it.

Dirt Bike 3D Track and Bike files are cross-platform, which means that if you create a track on a PC, you can open that track on the Mac. You can even play against opponents across platforms.

Date Added: Feb 11, 2002
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME
Requirements: OpenGL
File Size: 1.13 MB
Author: Brad Quick

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